Why should you hire me as your newborn photographer? Why am I the best? 


Allison Kolafa Photography is a legitimate, licensed, tax-paying business with business insurance. I have sixteen years of photography experience, seven of which are in newborn photography. I have received 100+ five-star reviews and have been published multiple times. I have invested thousands of dollars in equipment, lighting, safety training, and props. I also provide everything for the session: tiebacks, hats, clothing, and wraps. You are paying for my time, talent, commercial studio, client wardrobe, and my experience in the business. A newborn session can take up to three hours, plus four to six hours of editing. Newborns are usually born either bright red or yellow from jaundice, with foreheads that can be purple or blue. I have to color correct each photo. Also, I have to change a cone head into a round one, and if babies are awake for the shoot, I often have to correct their eyes, taking out burst blood vessels from the pressure of birth or yellow from jaundice. (About 30% of newborns have this, not all.) Also, newborns can have flaking skin, due to shedding, and sometimes horrific newborn acne. Newborn photography is my passion, and I absolutely adore each and every baby I photograph. And safety is my number one priority. My gentle and detailed approach will allow us to capture those precious moments and turn them into the most beautiful, meaningful portraits.